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This page details many different aspects of programming with Calico and the LRC robots.

Getting Started

The getting started sections references many other wiki pages. It is meant to be a central repository of useful links to get started.

Programming Quick Reference

  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Wiki

Using Calico

All information pertinent to using Calico can be found in the Calico Documentation Page.

Documenting Exercises

Screen Capture

Creating gifs

Editing Wiki

In the course of working on the robots and exercises you find something cool or useful that you would like to share you can add it to this wiki for future users. If that is the case ask one of the LRC Helpers and we will give you the username and password for a special account that will allow you to edit to wiki.

Please note that this wiki has a lot of crucial information. While we want students to be able to add to it we also want to protect it from malicious users. If you are given information on how to edit this wiki, please do not share it with anyone outside of the LRC.

If you have the username and password for the editting account log in with the log in link at the top right. Once logged in, navigate to the page you wish to add something to. You should see links that say edit at the very top of pages and for each section. Click on the edit link for the section you want to add to and simply add your content. If you want help formatting the information you want to add (e.g adding links, sections, pictures, etc) you can look at the rest of the information on this page, check out a wiki formatting guide, or ask one of the LRC helpers. And of course if you find a cool formatting tip that isn't on this page please add it for future editors.

Organization (Headers and subheaders)

Very simply headers and sections are created with the equal ('=') symbol. To create a section place equal symbols to the left and right of the title of your section. The number of equal symbols to the left and right must be the same. The number of symbols also indicate what level your section will be. The fewer symbols the higher the section is in in the hierarchy.

==Topic 1==
===Subtopic 1A===
===Subtopic 1B===
==Topic 2==
===Subtopic 2A===
====Sub-Subtopic 2AA====
===Subtopic 2B===

Creating links

The best way to create a link is to first copy it. Select the link and either right click and select copy or select the link and do CRTL-C to copy. Once copied paste the link and a descriptor for the link in the following format. For example

This is a useful link for wiki formatting.

This is a useful link for wiki formatting.


This is a useful link for wiki formatting.

This is a useful link for wiki formatting.

Linking to uploaded files

When you upload a file (detailed below) take note of it's name. Let's say the name of my file is If I want to create a link so that people can download this file.


To the reader it will look something like this: fileName

If you want to get fancy you can create something like:

If you want practice with the getLine() function you can download the [|drawnMaze]] world for help.

If you want practice with the getLine() function you can download the drawnMaze world for help.

Uploading files

If there is a file you want to upload and share or a picture you want to add you can click on the 'Upload file' link on the left column. Remember you have to be logged into an account with editing privileges. Clicking the 'Upload file' link will take you to page where you can browse for the file you want to upload. You can give it a name and a description. Take note of the name of the file, because you will use it to link. See linking upload file above.

Also if you want to look at all the files that have already been uploaded click on the 'list of uploaded files' link. It's in the second sentence of the Upload file page.

Code snippets

If you want to add useful bits of code you want to indicate to the reader somehow that they are looking at code that should be typed in a shell or placed in a script. To do that put your piece of code on a new line and simply put a space. It will then format the text differently.

For example if I simply write:

print("Hello world")

The text has no special formatting. If I add a space before the print statement.

print("Hello world")

The formatting is different and indicates this is a snippet of code.

Adding images

Bluetooth Troubleshooting

If your robot is not connecting via bluetooth to your PC there are a few steps you can follow to troubleshoot.

Fix One

Remember to import first:

from Myro import*

Fix Two

Remember that the initialize comand takes the form:


where # is a number.

  • It is NOT:

Fix Three

Delete all previous Bluetooth Connections:

  • Go to the right side of your task bar and click on the small arrow pointing up. This will bring up a menu.
  • In the menu right click on the small Bluetooth icon.
  • Scrol down to Show Bluetooth Devices and click on it.
  • Right Click all bluetooth devices there and select the Remove or Delete option.

This may or may not work due to the fact that sometimes you need Administrator privelages. If this is the case go ahead and try steps Four and Five. If you think that that won't work just skip to the last step.

Fix Four

If One and Two didn't do it for you the next option is to close down Calico and restart it. DON'T disconnect the robot just restart Calico. Sometimes Calico does not recognize a connected device if it starts before the said device is connected.

Fix Five

If step Four still didn't do it try shutting everything off and rebooting. (Make sure to save any edits you may have made)

Fix Six

If nothing so far has worked for you, it's possible that your computer is "hung up" on a single Bluetooth COM port. You will know that this is the case if every time that you connect your scribbler to your computer, go to the Scribbler's properties (under Show Bluetooth Device like in step Three and right click your Scribbler then select the second tab to check your COM port) you see the SAME EXACT port EVERY SINGLE time. In this case the fix is easy but a bit hidden. Steps are as follows:

  • Once again go to the task bar and select the Bluetooth icon. Right click and scroll down to Open Setting.
  • In the settings window select the COM Ports tab.
  • Select the COM port to which your computer says that the Scribbler is connected.
  • Then, with that COM port highlited click the Remove button.
  • Click the Add... button. This will bring up another window.
  • Select Outgoing as the type of COM port.
  • If the Scribbler is connected it should automatically register as the "Device that will use the COM port" . If not, just select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the OK button

You now have generated a new COM port for your robot. Go back to calico and initialize that COM port (don't worry if the port number is the same as before). It should work Perfectly now.